What are the limits on my email accounts?

To protect our servers, we have placed limits on some email features, including the number of emails you can send, the size of your mailbox, and the file size of attachments.

Sending Emails

For emails you are sending, the limits are:

  • WebMail: 50 emails per day
  • Desktop client or device: 500 emails per hour, with 100 recipients per email
  • Website script that sends email: 1,000 emails every 12 hours
  • Mailing list: As many emails as you like, with 2,500 subscribers per list

We have a Zero Tolerance policy on users sending unsolicited email.  If our systems are deliberately used to send unsolicited email, we will suspend the user’s account.

Email Attachments

The limits on attachment sizes are:

  • Using WebMail: 2MB in total
  • Using a mail client or a device: 30MB in total

When you attach a file to an email, it increases in size, and even though the file may be smaller than the limit when you check its properties as a separate file, it may be over the limit when attached to an email. We also have no control over the limits set by other companies, who may have set their limits much lower – some even down to 2MB.

If you attempt to send an email attachment over your limit or your recipient’s limit, the email will be bounced back to you.

If someone sends you an email with attachments larger than 30MB, that email will be bounced back. The sender will receive a message informing them that the message size exceeds the size limit for your server.  You must then contact the sender to work out another way of sending attachments.

One way of sending large files to your recipient is if you both use Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express.  Certain versions of this software includes a ‘Break apart messages’ feature, where you can break an attachment up into sequential emails and they are recombined on the recipient’s computer.

Mailbox Size

The size of your mailbox will depend on which email package you have:

  • Standard Mailbox: 1GB capacity
  • Premium Mailbox: Initial 2GB capacity, but can be upgraded to 10GB in 2GB increments
  • Exchange Mailbox: 30GB capacity

If you use our WebMail or IMAP, this capacity includes all attachments and any emails you have in the ‘Trash’ but have not deleted.

If you are close to your 1GB mailbox limit, emails sent to you that would cause you to exceed your limit will not be delivered to your mailbox.  If you receive smaller emails, but not the larger ones, this could be what is causing that problem.

Please note: As part of our regular server housekeeping, any Standard Mailboxes that have not been checked for 100 days may be automatically deleted.

If your Standard Mailbox is too small, you can increase the capacity by upgrading to a Premium Mailbox. Your mail will be automatically transferred over, with no loss of data.