Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can I move my existing domain from my ISP or current web hosting provider for use with your service?
Answer: Yes, you can transfer your existing domain to us free of charge. Domain transfer details can be found here.

Question: I noticed that you are in the UK. Do I have to be a UK resident to register a domain with you and use your hosting service?
Answer: You don’t have to be a UK resident to register domains with us and use our hosting service, and we welcome orders from any country. However, we only currently register domains shown on our website and cannot register most other country specific suffixes (i.e. .au, .br, .jp, etc.). If you require a country specific domain other than .uk, please contact a local ISP or Provider for this type of registration.

Question: Do you provide a domain registration service only since I don’t require a full web hosting service?
Answer: Yes, please visit domainsplus.uk for our domain registration service.

Question: Why do you process web hosting and domain renewals separately?
Answer: We do this because although domains and hosting generally work together, they are in fact separate products. For example, you could register a domain on 10 January and not order hosting or use the domain until 1 August, which means the renewal dates would be different.

Also, some people may decide to stop using web hosting services with their domain but still want to hang onto the domain, which still needs to be renewed. In addition to this, a domain can be registered with one provider and used with another, so services and payments may be split between different providers.

Question: Which characters can I have in my domain and how short or long can my domain be?
Answer: Domains can only contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphens (-), but the domain must not start or end with a hyphen, or contain more than one hyphen joined together, i.e. my–domain.com is not allowed. Domains should be a minimum of 3 characters and no more than 63 characters in total.

Question: Is there a minimum period I must use your service for?
Answer: No, you are free to use our service for as long as you want and can cancel at any time.

Question: Do you provide a web design service?
Answer: No, we’re not a web design service, so we don’t provide web design, but we do provide Website Builder and Website Builder Plus as available features. You can also use the extremely popular WordPress (easily set-up from your Web Control Panel) providing thousands of freely available website themes and plugins.

Question: Can I add MySQL databases to a Windows hosting account?
Answer: Yes, but only a maximum of 10 MySQL Databases are available with Windows Hosting. If you require more, we would recommend a Linux server.

Question: Can I use my web space to store and share other files?
Answer: No, your web space cannot be used for file sharing. The web space provided with your hosting account is only for use by your website (i.e. web pages, images, server script files or files used specifically by your website) and is not to be used to store or share other files with others.

Question: Where on the server should I upload my files into?
Answer: Please ensure that all files are uploaded into your public_html folder. We provide a CGI (cgi-bin) folder on our Linux servers for Perl/CGI files (i.e. .cgi and .pl. files) but you can run these files from anywhere inside your public_html folder.

Question: How do I create a web forwarding (web redirect) page?
Answer: This is covered on our support page and includes an example web page file you can edit and use.

Question: Where can I find your Knowledge Base?
Answer: This is available via the ‘Help’ link found at the top of your Web Control Panel.

Question: How do I access my Web Control Panel and WebMail?
Answer: Your Web Control Panel can be accessed as https://extendcp.co.uk or http://cp.yourdomain.com and WebMail is available at https://outitgoes.com or using http://webmail.yourdomain.com.

Question: How can I add a blog to my website?
Answer: Our hosting includes easy 1-click installation for several popular blogging systems, including the extremely popular WordPress. This allows for a quick and easy installation to your own web space, for example, http://yourdomain.com/blog/ or http://yourdomain.com/wordpress/.

Question: Why don’t you provide Microsoft FrontPage Extensions?
Answer: Microsoft ended development and support for FrontPage Extensions in June 2006. Due to the possible security risks they pose, the problematic nature of the Extensions, and end of support, we no longer provide FrontPage Extensions on our servers. FrontPage Extensions has since been dropped by most of its users and other providers, so it is not just us who has stopped providing this discontinued technology.

You can, of course, continue using the Microsoft FrontPage HTML/Web creation side of the software to create and manage your website, just don’t incorporate the Extensions feature into your web pages. You should use FTP (rather than use the built-in ‘Publish’ feature) to upload your website files.

Please contact us if you have any further questions not covered on our website or check our features page, support page or knowledge base (existing customers).