How do I set up an Exchange mailbox in Outlook for Mac?

Outlook has full support for automated setup, so configuring your mailbox is very simple:

1) Open Outlook. If this is your first time running the software, a “Welcome to Outlook” screen will be displayed. Select “Add Account” and go to step 4, otherwise go to step 2.
2) Select “Outlook” from the menubar, and select the “Preferences” option.
3) Select “Accounts”.
4) Select “Exchange Account”.
5) Enter the following into the visible fields:

E-mail address: Your Exchange mailbox address.
Method: User Name and Password.
User Name: Your Exchange mailbox address.
Password: Your mailbox password.
Leave “Configure automatically” selected.

6) Select ‘Add Account’.
7) Outlook will then attempt to automatically detect your mailbox settings. During detection, a message should pop up informing you that “Outlook was redirected to the server ‘ to get new settings” – select ‘Always use my response for this server’ and select “Allow”.

If automated setup doesn’t work, complete steps 1-5 as above, but unselect “configure automatically”.

6) In the “Server” field, enter
7) Select “Add Account”.
8) Select “Advanced”
9) In the “Server” Tab, set the following:

Microsoft Exchange
Server: : 443
Use SSL to connect – selected

Directory Service
Server: : 3268
Log in with my Exchange account credentials – selected