How do I set up an Exchange mailbox in Outlook?

There are two ways to set up an Exchange account, automatically and manually. We recommend trying the automated method first:

1) Ensure that Outlook is closed, or you will not be able to add an account.
2) From the Start Menu go to your Control Panel.
3) Select ‘Mail’.
4) Select ‘E-mail Accounts’.
5) Under the ‘E-mail’ tab select ‘New’.
6) Select’ E-mail Account’ then ‘Next’.
7) Here you should enter your name, email address, and mailbox password.

If this is not successful, you can take the following steps to set up the mailbox manually:

1) Again, you’ll need to set this up via the ‘Mail’ section of your control Panel.
2) Select ‘Add New Account’.
3) Select ‘Manually Configure Server Settings’.
4) Select’ Microsoft Exchange’.
5) Under ‘Server’ enter ‘’ and under ‘User Name’ ‘’
6) Under ‘More Settings’ go to the ‘Connection’ tab and tick ‘Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP’.
7) Select ‘Exchange Proxy Settings’.
8) In the ‘URL’ field enter ‘’ and under ‘Proxy authentication settings’ select ‘NTLM Authentication’.