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Web Hosting Plus Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

These are our affiliate terms which can also be accessed on our signup page.

Please see our privacy policy to see how we use your data.

1) We pay 25% commission (and up to 50% with bonus commissions) on paid web hosting* orders and a fixed amount on associated domain** registration orders via our Web Hosting Plus service. Commission is not paid on any Optional Extras.

2) When you become an affiliate with us you are not automatically added to an email list, so we strongly recommend that you subscribe to our separate Affiliate Email List so that we can keep you informed of any affiliate promotions and offers, including any extra bonus commission rates. If you choose not to subscribe to our Affiliate Email List, we will only ever contact you regarding any important and essential details relating to your affiliate account. This includes providing you with your account and login details, commission notifications and payments, if there’s a problem with your account, a problem with your PayPal email address, or if it’s missing, and for any other issues deemed important and essential.

3) All commission payments will be issued in GB Pounds Sterling. Commission notifications for payments will be issued by email on the 28th of every month where your total commission has reached at least £10.00 (currency converter at during the previous month, otherwise your monthly total will be carried over to the next month until your commission due reaches at least £10.00.

4) Should a refund be given to the customer, or payment be returned via a credit card ‘chargeback’, then the commission for that order will be removed from your commission balance.

5) A (free to create) PayPal account is required in order to receive commission payments from us. PayPal’s website can be found at

6) We provide instant commission reporting via your affiliate login page. This means that commission pages are updated at the same time we complete the processing of orders. However, please note that some commission amounts may be adjusted after the system has automatically generated the commission amount. This is because we are unable to pay commission on certain items, such as Optional Extras or full commission on domain names, therefore if the originally generated commission included commission on any Optional Extras, the amount will be adjusted accordingly.

7) There is no charge to become a Web Hosting Plus Affiliate, and no processing fees or other fees are withheld from your commission by Web Hosting Plus. However, PayPal may charge you a small processing fee.

8) You are responsible for reporting and paying any taxes in your own country from your commission earnings.

9) You are responsible for complying with any sales, trading, advertising, marketing or data privacy laws applicable to you or your country or areas of trade. This includes the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

10) *** WE WILL NOT TOLERATE SPAMMING OF ANY KIND ***. The website URL provided to you may be used to promote the Web Hosting Plus service anywhere you see fit, but the use of unsolicited bulk email, posting to websites and services that do not allow advertising, postings that are in breach of user rules, or any other similar methods will be considered as abuse or spamming. Any affiliate who spams using our name, email address, web address (URL), or an address that forwards onto ours, will have their affiliate account suspended and most likely cancelled with immediate effect. The offending affiliate may also be reported for the offence, and any commission due at the time will be removed from the database and will not be paid. Abuse and spamming causes damage to reputations, Internet accounts, websites, web and mail servers, can result in legal action and will often cause other sites and services to blacklist us, you, your service provider(s), and block access to their network, so please don’t do it. Also, spamming is now illegal in many areas and can result in prosecution by various authorities.

If you plan to promote or advertise our service and you are unsure if your promotion methods would be considered as spam, please ask us in advance.

11) We reserve the right to change any of these terms and conditions at any time.

12) By submitting your affiliate details on our signup page, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

* Commission is paid on 1, 2 & 3 Year paid hosting accounts, and on the initial payment for Monthly paid accounts. If our order page is showing other payment options (i.e. 6 month payments) then the commission will be applied to that initial 6 month (or other duration) payment.

** Commission payments on domain names are paid at a fixed rate of £0.50 per domain. This is because the profit margin on domain names are very low, so 25% commission on domain registrations are not possible. The domain commission will only be paid on domain registrations that are ordered and used with hosting accounts. Domain commission is paid on the initial registration cost only. Where a domain registration is provided to the customer free of charge, there will be no commission payable on that domain. Please see our other affiliate programme at

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