Why can’t I connect with FTP?

Your FTP account may be locked, for more information, consult the article on FTP locking. All accounts are locked by default for security reasons.

Firstly, ensure that you are using a good FTP client – we recommend FileZilla. Some FTP clients make it very difficult to find the settings that you need to change.

Secondly, check your settings. These can be found in your Web Hosting Plus Control Panel, but are typically:

Server or Hostname: ftp.yourdomain.com (or your FTP IP address as seen in your Control Panel)
Username: yourdomain.com
Password: your FTP password (can be changed in your Control Panel)
Ports: Default

Depending on your FTP client’s settings, you may have more options. Common ones include SFTP (which should be off), and Passive/Active transfers (which should be set to Passive).

Additionally, check your firewall (Norton, ZoneAlarm, AVG Internet Security, etc) – try switching it off and attempt to connect – if it works then the issue lies with your firewall and not with our services.

Finally, take a look at any errors that you see when connecting. A common one is “530 Login Incorrect” – this suggests that your username or password is incorrect. Other errors are fairly descriptive, and a quick Google search will often reveal solutions.