Is there a graphical interface available for MySQL?

MySQL Workbench is a GUI for MySQL – it can be downloaded from It provides a complete set of drag-and-drop tools to visually build, analyze and manage queries.

Plus, the integrated environment provides:

Query Toolbar to easily create and execute queries and navigate query history

Script Editor giving you control to manually create or edit SQL statements

Results Window so you can also easily compare and work with multiple queries

Object Browser enabling you to manage your databases, bookmarks, and history using a Web Browser like interface

Database Explorer where you can select tables and fields to query, as well as create and delete tables

Table Editor allows you easily create, modify and delete tables

Inline Help giving you instant help access to selected objects, parameters, and functions

The MySQL service for your site runs on the same server as your website, so use your domain (or the IP of your webserver) as the hostname, port 3306, your database name as the username and the corresponding database password as the password.