ASP Built-in Objects

This applies to Linux Hosting accounts only.

Built-in objects are functions that do not need to be created before they are used. They simplify programming tasks by managing aspects of interactivity between Web server and browser, such as tracking the location of users throughout their visits to the Web site. Sun ONE Active Server Pages provides five built-in objects for the ASP framework: Request, Response, Application, Server, and Session. The information below describes their functions:

Request – Sends user request to server

Response – Returns server request to user

Application – Stores information needed for all users of a particular application. Information stored here remains for the lifetime of the application.

Server – Provides access to methods and properties on the server. These methods and properties typically serve as utility functions.

Session – Stores information needed for a particular user session. Information stored in the Session object is not lost when the user jumps between pages in the application; instead, information remains for the entire user session.